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I help adults with adolescent trauma heal emotional wounds and process their past to find peace in the present.

Emily Dillon, Teen Therapy, Mental Health, Therapist

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Emily Davis Dillon, LCSW

My name is Emily (she/her) and I am a licensed therapist who provides trauma-informed therapy, practicing virtually in Los Angeles and across California. I help adults with adolescent and childhood trauma heal emotional wounds and process their past to find peace in the present. I offer client-centered individual, family, and co-parenting therapy. My practice is LGBTQ+-affirming.

 If you experienced difficult or abusive family dynamics growing up, you know firsthand how hard it can be to find joy and be present in your adult life. Unaddressed trauma from our formative years will inevitably show up in our lives, impacting our well-being, our relationships, our parenting, and our family life. You deserve to live a fulfilling and happy life free from the burden of past trauma and familial wounds. You deserve to heal, to build healthy relationships, break generational patterns, improve your self-esteem, establish clear boundaries, and love the life you've worked so hard to build.

Emily Dillon, Therapy, Teen therapist, Mental Health

About Me

Authenticity, compassion, and connection shape my approach to care. As someone who has worked through my own traumatic experiences and mental health challenges, I know safe space is key, and that it is created through genuine and compassionate human relationships. My warm and accepting disposition has allowed me to create a safe space for those around me to share, process, and show up authentically. For many years, I have applied these qualities, working clinically with children, teens, adults, parents, and families in the public school system. It has been a joy to continue my career in private practice, applying my wealth of clinical experience and my nurturing characteristics to support individuals and families.


I received my Master of Social Welfare (MSW) at UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs in 2016 with high honors, and previously served as a vocational educator at the Downtown Women’s Center. On the weekends you can find me exploring a new trail or campsite with my family, and, in the summer, you can find me raising butterflies in my backyard.

Virtual Services offered throughout California

Individual Sessions: 60min/$200
Family Sessions: 60min/$225

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